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Subject: Growing Up Sexually ch. 5Chapter 5: Later that night.In the previous chapter, I finally made it to a new level of friendship with
the guy I had been lusting after for a few months. It ended with both of us
falling asleep on beach chairs due to a mixture of alcohol, and the large
release of hormones that had taken place. I woke up two hours later and was
unsure if all had really happened. I could not distinguish if it had been a
dream, or if it was reality. I remembered in my `dream' that he had a large
cock, so I leaned over to his beach chair and slowly reached over. He was
wearing boxers and then some light basketball shorts. I slowly put my hand
over his crotch. With my fingers I felt around and got hold of his soft
shaft. It was a reality for sure. His soft cock was twice the size of mine
when soft. Rubbing his soft cock made me get hard as rock. I decided I was
ready for round two of our sexual tight russian ass
adventure. I jabbed him a little and
tried to wake him up. Now that I think back on it, I should have pulled his
shorts down russian suck
and given him a russian lesbians backyard hot blowjob to wake him up, but I guess I was
stupid back then! So, I managed to get him up. He was a little drowsy, but
alert. I said right away,
"Man, Travis, I just had such a hot dream about you and me fooling
"Yeah, what happened?" He asked back
I then described out earlier escapade to the best of my ability. I had my
eyes closed the whole time I was talking so that I could visualize it all.
When I opened my eyes, his cock had grown to russian toe touch dance almost full size and was
tenting his cute basketball shorts. He then said to me
"Hey, lets go downstairs to the bathroom down there"
I didn't hesitate for one minute. We raced down the stairs and found our
way to the mens bathroom, which was rather large. We closed the door, which
fortunately had a lock on it. He immediately slid down his shorts and
boxers. His huge member was sticking straight out looking absolutely tasty.
Feeling the urge to get started, I dropped to my knees and took his cock
into my wet, warm mouth.
I was relishing the moment, just having his cock in my mouth was enough to
get my rocks off, but I decided to hold it off. I started to try my now
best technique.. I took his cock down to where he was circumsized. With my
tongue, I dug into his cum slit and created russian hard core a nice suction with the rest of
my mouth and slowly went up and down. To this day, that technique has been
a favorite of my lovers. girls russian sex pictures I went on for about a minute, when he pushed my
head off of nude sexy russian his cock and said, "Hold on, I will cum if we don't slow down.."
What tiny nudes russian he did next I think came from a mixture of horniness and guilt from
how much pain he had put me in earlier. He turned himself around and went
up against the wall in the bathroom.
"Go grab a condom out of my shorts pocket" he said
I, very excited, striped off my shorts and dug into his musky shorts for the
rubber. I located it, ripped it open, and slipped it onto my rock hard
cock. My dick still was not very big and the condom was a little loose on
it, but it wouldn't slip off. I then approached him from behind and he
"I have never done this before, so go slow.."
I was a little pissed, cause he just jammed his in mine and was now telling
me to go slow! I decided to take it slowly. I stepped angels russian porno
back and got a russian nudists camp family
at his ass. His spanking russian two plump, round cheeks were beautiful. He played sports a
lot, so his ass was muscular and stuck out perfectly. I placed my hands on
it and started to play with it. I then brought my condomed cock upto his
tight hairless asshole. I placed the lubed tip up to his russianarmy
ass and pushed a
bit. Nothing russian hard core happened, and I realized I was pushing in the wrong spot.. sexy russian man it
was my first time ever, so give me a break! He reached behind and took hold
of my cock and helped guide it in. I gave a little push it popped into his
ass. WOW, now let me tell you, I had russian suck
never felt free porn video russian
anything so incredible in
my entire life. I pushed it in a little and out a bit before he yelped, "My
god, this hurts, lets stop." Much to my dismay he wiggled his cute little
ass off of my cock. That was the end of my first ass fuck, a whole 5
seconds. He then said he felt bad and then bent over and took my cock into
his mouth. He was trying to duplicate my method of sucking, and even though
he did not get it quite right, it was awesome. I felt my cock start to
swell, and he could obviously tell. He pulled it out of his mouth and
jerked me off very fast. I started to pump and shot cum for the first time.
I had always been a dribbler. It shot into his face and he looked in
heaven. Well spent, I was not really in the mood to get him off, but I
decided it would not be nice of me not to. I made him sit down. He was
sitting against the wall with his legs spread apart. I then lay down on my
stomach and nudged up to his crotch. The sweet smell of dried cum was
enough to make me dive into his cock. I sucked really fast and hard, trying
my best to get this beauty off. Within a minute, I felt his cock jump a
bit, and I soon felt the now familiar gush of cum in my mouth. I swallowed
a little, but had to spit out some of it so it wouldn't choke me. Both of
us, being exhausted, dressed back up and headed to his hotel room where we
slept the rest of the night.That's it for chaper 5. I like writing short, fast paced chapters instead
of ones that drag on forever. I try to limit one sexual situation per
chapter, since I hate it when I am reading a story and cum in the middle,
then losing interest in the rest of it.I have finally started to get some response to my story, and I would like
more. Many of you do not realize russian porn kids sites how nice it is to get feedback from the
readers. Even if it is just a short blip, please drop me a line at .
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